About Me

About Me

Currently residing in Sydney, Australia - specifically out in the Hunter region.

Catch me on the Socials using the icons on the top bar. Not very active on them though.

Personal Stuff:

  • Christian, currently attending a Baptist Church. Love Jesus, and am open about this, but am not one to 'force people to see the error of their ways' like some other believers... I put across my point of view and then listen to the 'other side', considering their point of view. Maybe explains how I am with Tech, as per the below... Also explains the church I currently attend, who for the most part are of similar mind. Currently planning a second blog with a focus on those related topics.
  • Husband, 2 kids. As I don't really use Social Media, I also won't advertise their details here.
  • Casual Gamer, you could easily pick me off in multiplayer shooter games! Though I am a decent driver in driving games... Find me on Steam, Origin, Google Play Games, etc. Connect to my Discord if you want to discuss games with me.
  • Technology evangelist, kinda, but dont care for the whole fanboi class of people. I own an Android phone, my wife has an iPhone, I own a Surface, a Mac Mini, a DIY PC, Ubiquiti stuff, among a huge mix of random Tech accumulated over the years! I use whatever actually works the best for the purpose that it was designed and is currently in use for.

Professional Experience:

  • Windows Systems Administrator. Focusing mainly on Active Directory related administration - including Group Policies.
  • Windows Desktop Administrator. Building an SOE and configuring Group Policies.
  • Microsoft SCCM Administrator. Basic knowledge here, can package an application and deploy it, edit a task sequence, and run random PowerShell scripting related to it.
  • Microsoft Exchange Administrator.
  • VMWare Virtual Machine Administrator.
  • Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory. Have been using this to migrate machines from multiple source domains to the central business domain.
  • Linux. Currently have this Ghost blog VM running on Ubuntu server, and a secondary home machine running Manjaro. I know my way around Linux and the terminal, but am no way advanced...
  • Cyber Security focused professional. Looking at starting on the path to become a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Completed Certifications:

  • Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security - Charles Sturt University - 2021
  • MCITP - Windows Server 2012 R2 Install and Configure
  • Citrix Certified Professional - Citrix XenApp 6.5
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator
  • More coming soon as I need to refresh my certs...
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