A fresh start

Starting afresh on this blog

A sunrise for a fresh start. Photo by Tim Foster / Unsplash
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A long time coming, I am restarting this blog, and will try and add new posts on a frequent basis. A lot has happened since I last posted, with both family and work, so I never got around to writing (or finishing drafts of) more posts.

The old site was stuck on Ghost v1 because I had copied the theme from Troy Hunt's blog. Each time Ghost does a major update, themes often require updating, and I never got around to checking if that theme has been updated. As moving to the current version required a full reinstall of Ghost, it was just easier to roll a new VM... I'm looking for something other than the default Casper theme. I have settled on the Mapache theme, and it will be fine tuned over time.

As this blog doesn't have a particular subject or theme, I will probably also start mixing in some gaming content, but feel free to join my Discord for further discussions on that.

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